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Wovon die Mohammed-Karikaturen ablenken?

Sandmonkey aus Kairo erzählt es in seinem Blog:

Now while the arab islamic population was going crazy over the outrage created by their government’s media over these cartoons, their governments was benifitting from its people’s distraction. The Saudi royal Family used it to distract its people from the outrage over the Hajj stampede. The Jordanian government used it to distract its people from their new minimum wage law demanded by their labor unions. The Syrian Government used it to create secterian division in Lebanon and change the focus on the Harriri murder. And, finally, the Egyptian government is using it to distract us while it passes through the new Judiciary reforms and Social Security Bill- which will cut over $300 million dollars in benefits to some of Egypt’s poorest families. But, see, the people were not paying attention, because they were too busy defending the prophet by sending out millions of e-mails and SMS-messages, boycotting cheese and Lego and burning Butter and the danish Flag. Let’s not even mention the idiots who went the usual route of „It’s a jewish conspiracy“, spouted the stupid argument about the Holocaust, or went on a diatribe with the old favorite „There is an organized campaign-headed by the west and the jews- to attack and discredit Islam, and we have to defend it“. They proved, once again, that the arab world is retarded and deserves no better than its leaders.

Sein Beitrag zeigt auch Scans einer großen ägyptischen Zeitung, die die dänischen Karikaturen bereits im Oktober 2005 nachgedruckt hatte… woraufhin sich irgendwie kein Ägypter genötigt sah, dänische Fahnen zu verbrennen.

Update (13.02.06): Warum gerade jetzt? Und dann gibt es da noch den Religious Policeman – ein nicht ganz systemkonformer Saudi aus London ;-)

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  1. fpf sagt:

    Zu den Karikaturen…

    Lange hatte ich fest vor, nichts dazu zu schreiben. Nichts über das Käsblatt, nichts über die muselmanischen Reaktionen. Aber langsam schwillt mir der Kamm. Wenn etwa Kofi Annan auffordert, die Bilder nicht mehr abzudrucken – als könne man dann wie…

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